Planet #L-001 - Zethea NFT Drop

NFT Edition ID:


Planet name


Planet code name

HD 219134 g

Planet type


Star system

HD 219134 (K Type)

Distance from Star

0.3753 AU

Distance from Earth

21.0 light years

Orbital period

94.2 days

Planet mass

10.8 Earths



Habitable zone


NFT Edition:

50 copies


"Zethea" is a limited edition Ocean planet with a code name "HD 219134 g" orbiting "HD 219134 (K Type)" star. It is 21.0 light years away from the Earth. Planet orbits its star in 94.2 days and is not in a habitable zone.


Atmosphere: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide
Crust: water
Mantle: iron, iron-oxides
Core: iron, iron-sulfide


Planet has water, has iron

Market status
  • L-001 is a limited edition planet from the Digital Galaxies collection.
  • This edition has 50 copies.
  • L-001 on Rarible
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  3. Must have Rarible account with profile and cover images
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  5. Ethereum address must match Rarible account ETH address
  6. Will draw 50 lucky winners after registration is closed
  7. All winner addresses will be displayed here after the drawing
  • 1 light year = 9,460,730,000,000 km
  • Earth's mass = 5.9722 x 1024 kg
  • Jupiter's mass = 1.89813 x 1027 kg
  • Jupiter's mass = 317.771 Earth's masses